I like breaking rules within strict confines. I create stamps, often with strong images within frames. Then I extend echoes of that image – and new designs – beyond the frame to make what’s going on outside the confined area just as engaging. I work with an outrageously large pallet of colors—loud colors. No matter how vibrant, I find the texture and natural colors of clay stand up to the noise of bright glazes.
I became obsessed with clay, in part, because it’s a slow, multi-stepped process. I began life as an artist by doing pet portraits.  I spent twelve years doing what became very rote and factory. I love animals and found the hands on method of creating art more fulfilling and became a professional dog groomer where I can involve the animals themselves in the art. Now, I feel more in tune with them. 

I incorporate critters: bugs, lizards, birds, or whatever catches my attention in nature into ceramic work. Each layer, from building, to my stamp process, to glazing feels like more interaction with these fascinating creatures, more love.